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Leads or No Leads?

by | Dec 31, 2021 | 0 comments

Quality stuff is hard to find, be it clothes, food, or even leads. It’s not like you can say Abracadabra or snap your fingers. But getting a lead is only half the battle; getting it converted requires Hulk’s strength. A recent study says that 66% of companies find lead generation as one of their biggest hurdles[convoso]. A superpower is knowing whether the lead you are conversing with is genuinely interested or politely waiting to decline. Here is a hypothetical case study to help you understand your situation and offer some ways to improve the quality of your leads. 

Hypothetical Case Study:

A year old B2B company has hired a new business development executive to increase their sales. Before getting into the calling phase, the executive notices their system is disorganized, and their digital presence isn’t optimized. They have been struggling to develop a structure for finding quality leads that target them perfectly but don’t know where to start. 

Let’s try these solutions to solve the problem: 

  1. Optimization:

Are you feeling down because your traffic is so low? The best way to understand lead generation is to realize it as a puzzle, with optimization as one of its pieces. Analyze your website and social media channels to find out where you are losing customers. Rank higher on search engines by using SEO practices and strong keyword research. Remember to talk TO the audience instead of talking AT the audience. Your content should be presented in a simple yet effective way that answers their queries and also encourages them to connect with you. 

  1. Cater to the write audience with accurate data:

There will always be a question of “how many leads are too many?” Now don’t get us wrong, generating leads can be exciting, but are you sure they are qualified leads? Do you think the effort you put into that conversation will change into a sales connection? A good way to find out is to build a database and then conduct thorough market research, which will help you learn more about the marketers and companies they’ve worked with. Determine what content resonates with them, identify their pain points and offer solutions on how YOU can resolve them. This practice will create a system and help you go beyond the calling stage.

  1. Lead Magnet:

Who doesn’t like free stuff? We are all bound to explore something free if not purchase it. This can be your magnet to attract potential leads during campaigns! You can offer a free consultation, audit their website, or even something that doesn’t take a lot of your time but has immense value to convert a lead. There’s a good chance of increasing qualified leads if you give them an incentive to contact you.

4. Overlooking Analytics & Management:

Analytics are your salt to any campaign. By neglecting them, you will be making the same mistake over again. Your metrics, such as open email rate, response rate, source of traffic, heatmaps, and more, are essential to measure the success of your campaign. The results show where you can improve and which parts were effective. Knowing this helps plan future campaigns. 

It’s a no-brainer to get intimidated by so many solutions. Well, not to worry when we have tools that can make your work of getting qualified leads easier.

  1. Freshworks CRM 
  2. Zapier
  3. Zoho 
  4. Salesforce
  5. Leadfeeder

Lead Generation is not the concept of ‘one size fits all’. You need to find what works best for you with experimentation and smart efforts. Also, we are always looking to have a cup of coffee and talk business with someone, so you know where to find us!


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