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An end to social media myths

by | Jan 7, 2022 | 0 comments

As the virus in the air, myths about social media marketing can also be dangerous. It is hard to keep up with all social media platforms with their ever-changing algorithm, but that doesn’t justify holding on to a myth simply because others have experienced it. Separating fact from falsehood and working towards a strategy with realistic outlooks is what you need in the long haul. Now that we’ve put on our struxbuster cap let’s debunk some myths about social media marketing!

Myth 1: My business doesn’t require social media

Do you think you don’t need a social presence because of the fact that your customers aren’t there and your sales are pretty good? Despite what you think, you are living a lie. Every minute someone creates a new profile on different platforms. You’re missing out on a large marketplace if you believe social media is irrelevant to you. Among the 3.7 billion people active on social media, we guarantee that at least one will be a new customer, no matter how small it may be. Social media is here to stay, so if you don’t create a profile now, then when?

Myth 2: It’s important to be on all social media platforms

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s not necessary to be on ALL social networks. You shouldn’t feel FOMO of not creating and utilizing each and every platform. Your approach needs to be selective, based on your marketing tactics and audience. What’s the point of shooting arrows in the dark if it isn’t going to offer you results? 

Myth 3: Overlooking negative comments

If an angry customer posts negative feedback or a complaint, don’t delete it. That’s just going to make them angrier and make you look like someone who doesn’t handle criticism well. When you give people a place for feedback, you are ahead of the game by reviewing negative comments and dealing with them quickly. This shows your potential customers that you address their concerns and act as solution seekers who don’t shy away from dissatisfying remarks. 

Myth 4: Social Media is all about young people

Who are these young people? Is it the millennials or GenZ? If you believe in this ageist theory, then you must be believing in unicorns, too, right? Almost anyone can learn how to use social media and develop marketing strategies based on trends and analytical thinking. You don’t need just freshers to work in this field, all you need is someone who can manage creatively. 

From a seller’s perspective, you will see better conversion rates when you target people who earn rather than just follow you. While brand awareness is important, you should also consider to whom and where your product is targeted, as well as the value it provides.

Myth 5: More followers, more credibility

First, please abandon this thought out of your mind. You can never tell how many of your followers are fake accounts or bots. You should focus on engaging with your audience by posting relevant content and building a community. By improving your quality, the quantity will follow. You will not only gain credibility but also attract new customers to your business. 

Myth 6: Promoting only products increases sales

Nobody wants to listen to a monologue about you or your business. It might come off as pompous. You must find the right balance between product-centric content and generic/relatable content. Knowing the difference between hard and soft selling and how, when, and where to execute each is very important. Build relationships with your audience by adding value through your posts. 

Social media platforms keep evolving every second. It is best to avoid myths that lead to traps. You cannot expect the same results from someone else’s experience. You need to try it out for yourself and understand what works the best for you. If you’re stuck, then we’re just a call away to help you out!


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