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Busting the Content Scams

by | Jan 14, 2022 | 1 comment

Pet peeves and fallacies can be annoying but still tolerable. But when it comes to content marketing peeves, they can be a pain. For any brand, content is the salt of every post. No one wants to consume a saltless thing, and at the same time, excessive salt will simply lose its essence. It’s not unknown to see the treasure of information [and misinformation] available for creating valuable content. It’s time to put on our struxbuster caps and help you bust down some myths about content marketing.

  1. More Quantity, less Quality:

There are times when writers run into the wrong race. In the end, it’s not about who creates the most content; it’s about who makes good quality content. If you merely write meaningless words without adding value, you won’t increase traffic or boost sales. A short piece that hits the reader’s nerve will do the same thing while engaging them more. The goal is not to create twice as many articles as your competitor, just an exceptional one that will easily give you the results.

  1. My business doesn’t need content:

Does your business need air to breathe? On a scale of 1 to 10, this myth can be considered a -10. Content marketing is not an industry-specific concept. Every brand, every industry, and every business needs it. Do you want to give people cringe content to read or something with no value or essence? If not, you need to invest in good content writers who will significantly boost your engagement and conversions. The art of content marketing is all about storytelling, and if you do it right, the audience will be compelled to consume it. 

  1. Automating content is more feasible:

With technology advancing, traditional forms of content are taking a step back. Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to write faster and more conveniently than ever before. But, we forget the need and value for human intervention in writing. Writing is an art conveyed through words. The human element can only bring emotions and factors of relatability. So, even though automated content is changing the landscape, writers will continue to be needed. 

  1. Content marketing offers instant results:

Just like the “2 minutes mein maggi ready” is a myth, this one is too. Your audience won’t check your published content right that second. It takes months for search engines to get your content ranked and delivered to people. You can modify your content and monitor the metrics over time if you want. Consistent efforts are required for inbound marketing to bear fruit, and leads and conversions will simply follow. 

Don’t suffer because of so many more myths about content marketing. This is a game for the long haul, so create compelling content that reaches the right people. If you’re up for this challenge, effective results will await you. If not, we’re right here to help you get effective results!

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