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A Glimpse into the World of Graphics

by | Nov 26, 2021 | 0 comments

Art can never be considered bad art, and similarly, a graphic can never be viewed as a bad graphic. Art has inspired not only people but a new field called Graphic Designing as well. 

So what is Graphic Designing? 

A medium that uses art and technology to convey ideas through pictures, visual elements, portraying relatable concepts, and more. Every day, this challenging and exciting art form evolves, bringing in new variations to it. While it may seem that Graphic Art is primarily used on digital platforms, you can be sure that it isn’t the case. Someone designed every image you see, billboards, packaging, social media posts, everything! Human emotion is what art perceives, and that’s what your brand needs to convey in order to connect with your target audience. 

At Strux, we majorly use six types of graphic designs; let’s see them in detail:

  1. Visual Identity:

The purpose of visual identity in graphic design is to communicate the visual elements of a brand by using images, logos, colour palettes, fonts, and shapes that distinguish it from competitors. Creating a captivating design for your audience to resonate with your brand and offering value through your creatives creates a strong and lasting impression. 

  1. Brand Identity:

Brand identity and visual identity have similarities, but they are not the same. Being consistent about your brand guidelines is how you establish your brand identity. It’s the graphics of your brand and the message it portrays that will shape consumers’ perceptions of your brand. 

  1. Web Design: 

A robust website layout generates a positive impression of your company. Your website communicates your business’s identity through graphics, videos, and other visual elements. A user-friendly and appealing website makes your audience more inclined to explore it. 

  1. Marketing and Advertising:

The development of engaging ideas and their representation in the form of graphics will help you market your product better. This type of design is usually used on digital platforms to connect with the target audience. The graphics of a campaign can prove to be one of the biggest assets of the brand. 

  1. Publication Graphic Design: 

Publication design is the focus of printing magazines and books. A consistent and uniform colour palette, typography, layout, and art create consistency and uniformity, which are musts in this type of design.

  1. Motion Graphics: 

In this rapidly growing field, you will find animations, videos, title sequences, advertisements, and a lot more. Investing in a motion graphic designer can do wonders for your products!

Graphic designing is a dynamic and evolving field that has new opportunities flowing everyday. If you want a brand that stands out from the crowd and works with a wide array of graphics, Strux is at your service!


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