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Getting Over The Social Media Growth Dilemma

by | Dec 3, 2021 | 1 comment

Do you feel peer pressured (more like business-pressured) to have a social media presence? Is being pretentious on social media, not your thing? Don’t worry, we relate, and we’ve gotcha!

How about we pose a hypothetical problem, then break it down into solutions based on our experience? Sounds easy? Let’s get to it.

The Problem:

Brand A has been posting to its Instagram and Facebook accounts for the past 3-4 months. The posts are in line with the brand’s language and the business’s mission. A major roadblock for them is that instead of increasing their follower base, it has decreased drastically. The situation is unfamiliar to them, and they cannot comprehend what is happening. 

Off the bat, we have five solutions to combat this social media challenge. 

  • Solution 1: Timely Posting

The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing, and that makes it difficult to have a set posting time. Here’s what you can do: Have a look at your insights.

Discover the window when your audience is most active, post and Boom! Research that takes literal seconds can help you increase your traction instantly.

  • Solution 2: Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are, by far, the best weapon for organic growth. We know when we’re craving Pizza, we go look up #pizza and phantom eat everything we see.

I mean, look at this stuff. Who wouldn’t want to eat this?

Hashtags can get you to look at content that is miles away from you. There are many Hashtags Strategies out there, but generally, you’d benefit from using narrowed-down tags. With less competition, you’d rank higher, AKA you’d be visible to your direct target audience. The number of tags you use is also important. The limit is 30 per post. Most suggested usage is around 10-15 tags. Honestly, you could use any amount, as long as it works for you! 

  • Solution 3: Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers can drastically help you grow your audience as well.

How you ask?

Word of mouth advertising was relevant before and is still relevant but in an improvised form. Having influencers advertise your product will simply act as affiliate marketing.

Again, HOW?

Influencers have a high influencing power over their audience. Collaborating with them will help you gain credibility and also increase your conversion rates and raise brand awareness. This strategy is bound to work in your favour

  • Solution 4: Connecting over Quality, not Quantity:

There are more than 1500 posts on social media every day. Out of which, only 5% are visible to you depending upon its relevance & quality. It is always recommended to create content that you KNOW your audience wants to see. May it be to educate, entertain, inspire or even convert them as clientele! Value-based content will always resonate with your audience; when you create quality and relatable content tailored to your niche and refrain from spamming them with irrelevant posts, you will become more reachable with your account.

Key Point – User-generated content is 35% more memorable and 50% more trusted than traditional media and other non-user-generated content. {Crowdtap}

  • Solution 5: Engaging with the audience

How do you feel when you ask a question in the comments and don’t receive a reply or any acknowledgment? We would go bonkers!

One of the most neglected ways of increasing reach is not considering engaging with your audience. By responding to their comments, asking questions, and conducting polls on your stories, you help them feel valued and heard! When you make someone feel included, they’re more inclined to take action. Remember that.

Social media challenges require a great deal of your time – that you may not always have. Here are a few tools that (we use for our clients) will help you efficiently use and monitor your time.

Free & Paid Social Media Management Tools:

Being on social media might feel “trendy” right now, but take time to get well-versed with it. When you understand this assignment, it can offer you remarkable results. Connect with us to know more about Instagram Growth and Strategy.

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