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The Age of Creative Marketing: Learn The Early Concepts

by | Oct 4, 2021 | 0 comments

We have all evolved into digital animals from social ones. We rely on our smartphones to wake us up to the point where we create businesses online. This digital era is now being transformed into one that focuses on creativity. Companies are now more inclined to use creative marketing than digital marketing because of its wider reach and more significant impact to the consumers. Marketing will eventually cease if there is no innovation in the approach. It will be nothing but boring information combined with data and technicalities. Creative marketing considers all the aspects, right from understanding the consumer’s mindset to identifying how a particular product will add value to their lives. Here are some of the creative marketing strategies that we at Strux use for our clients: 

  • Don’t go with your first idea:

Often, when you get a creative marketing idea, it is because you’ve come across something similar to it. Using that, you can no longer say it’s innovative. Instead, use that concept and try to integrate something totally out-of-the-box. Don’t restrict yourself to think traditionally because even one of your craziest ideas can turn out to be an effective campaign.

  • Talk about the benefits, not features:

Your audience is not very keen to know about how different your features are from your competitors, but they are interested in learning what difference your product will make in their lives. Outline the benefits of your product and draw a comparison with relevant creative marketing examples.

  • Minimal is creative:

You don’t always need to go overboard when creating your designs. Using a minimalist approach, you can convey the creative marketing message with a few simple designs and elements in a way that gives off the same impactful message you intended to give. You need to find a balance between your visuals so the viewer feels tempted to explore more. 

  • The 5-second rule:

The attention span of your consumer is less than that of a goldfish, and to make them know about YOU, all you’ve got is 5 seconds.  For people to stay longer on your page, you need catchy and quirky content that makes them curious in getting to know about you or your product.  

And you know what? Copywriters make your work easier by acing this job hassle-free!

  • Take advantage of technology

A creative marketing agency always does smart work by utilizing all the digital tools in their hand. From scheduling the posts, writing error-free content, using clever formats to create graphics, everything is done with the help of modern methods. This gives them equal time to work on the planning as well as the execution.

A creative marketing agency, like us, will pay attention to the most minor details and give out performance-driven results. Let’s join forces to bring out the next era of creative revolution.


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