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Have you ever played a game of chess? Both sides no matter small or big start from the same blocks. Marketing to that extent to is like a game of chess where both sides start from the same blocks but each and every side can have a different approach. In today’s fast-paced world where everything is available at a click of a button more and more companies are pushing their products through different inorganic channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and other 100 more websites. According to Business Today approximately 20 Billion $ revenue was generated from Instagram ads and around 70 billion $ revenue was generated from Facebook for the year 2019. This number is on an all-time high and the revenue will sure shot increase with every passing year. Many businesses have made their fortune by putting more faith in paid ads but on the downside, there are even more businesses that have made losses. Whilst in today’s market it is very easy to reach millions of people more efforts are being put towards reaching more and more people and not on the actual content. As the number of ads is increasing on Social Media we are bombarded with ads and content that is low quality and below the standards. In this era of Modern Marketing, it is necessary to have an organic approach. We at Strux believe that content is the king. We believe that if your content is something to which people can relate the audience will definitely follow the path you want them to. In this era where businesses run campaigns and want to sell their products our approach is completely different. On the contrary, we believe that we won’t give your business and your customers our full commitment. We don’t want your business to have people as customers but as large families with diverse backgrounds. Much like the game of chess, we believe that the beauty of the move does not lie in the product but the thought behind it. Wanna play a game of chess. To know more about us ……


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